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  • Always send complete source code which is compilable on its own.
  • Only send code which your really tested. Do not post pieces of code which you think can reproduce the problem, but which you have actually tried yourself.
  • If you have multiple source files and cannot combine them into one, please zip the files and send them.
  • Post code which produces the exact results stated above.
  • If possible, please provide a small test case rather than a large piece of code. However only do this if you can meet all the other conditions listed above.
In general, the first thing we look at is whether there is an obvious problem in your source code. This does not reflect on you in a bad way, nor would you be the only one this happens to. If you provide all the necessary information, this process will take a very short time. If we cannot see a problem in the code, we will try to reproduce the results you described. This is very important, since we need to find out if the problem still exists in the current beta version. If it does, we can only find it if we can reproduce it. Finally, when we think we have repaired the bug, we can use your source code to test whether it really works.
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